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Are your characters not talking to you?

Is that last book in the trilogy you’ve just gotten into not coming out for another eleven months?

Does your word-processing device of choice just lie there and suck your creativity into a bleak, desolate void devoid of all hope or output?

Is having to deal with actual people in real life, in the real world, getting you down.

It’s okay to have a meltdown, just try to keep it to Three Mile Island┬álevels and don’t go Chernobyl on us.


Writers Dyspepsia

I’ve got a 3250 word short story due in less than 24 hours, and it is not going well.

Can’t make the word count, or can’t keep to the word count, that I’m used to dealing with, but this…

This is different, I simply don’t like what I’ve written. It’s not bad exactly, but it’s not me exactly either. I’ve lost my voice, sacrificed on the altar of plot. Meh, maybe I’m making a big thing about this, come back in a few months and I’ll make it sing like a canary on peyote. Oh, that’s right, don’t have a few months, well back to the panicking then.