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Voices Inside

The voices may not be real, but they have some great ideas.


Though in my cases the voices just on the edge of hearing often turn out to be real, someone just turned my music down real low. Not naming names or anything, but there is a special hell reserved for those people.

If there isn’t, I’ll bloody build one when I get there.



If I could have any superpower… it would probably be the ability to stop people posting ‘If you could have any superpower…’ memes. Failing that, I’ll go with Wolverines healing factor. Immortality and perpetual health, what’s not to love?


Rambo cuddle time


I’ve been watching a lot of Vampire Diaries lately (don’t hate me) and I swear the neck-snap is used as often as handshakes are in other shows. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering about the title of this post…


The truth will set you free



So much this.

Totally, finally, this! I admit, I squeed. The Hero’s Journey gets my goat occasionally.