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My Flash Fiction

Alcubierre Drive


“…we arrive at the lovely tourist planet of Xen’arthia. And… oh my god it’s been nuked back to the bedrock. That’s the third planet we’ve visited in a row! What’s going on?”


Shifter of Shapes

Cloaked in another’s form, the faceless thing waits for you. It has seen you shift skins, be a dozen things, and feels it has found in you a potential mate. Fear not, your mind will shatter long before your body does.

First Mother

Mother of dark-kissed things, the red-haired first wife of Adam waits. The first woman spurned, she knows the demons that have swirled around you, birthed many of them. She wishes only to discuss only what you thought of her children, a long, never-ending discussion with mankind’s oldest mother-in-law.

Oceans of…

Small waves reflect back the moonlight, and the tide creeps ever forward. It laps against the bottom step, ever rising. Black under a starless sky, the tide cannot be stopped. Soon it will reach the top step and flow inside. If only it was something as harmless as water.