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Book Secrets


Pity the poor soul whose parts are scattered in Twilight or a Lionel Shriver novel. Still, better than hiding them in a snake, I mean seriously, who would do that?

Also, the Authors for World Domination meets this Saturday. Bring cake!

Voices Inside

The voices may not be real, but they have some great ideas.


Though in my cases the voices just on the edge of hearing often turn out to be real, someone just turned my music down real low. Not naming names or anything, but there is a special hell reserved for those people.

If there isn’t, I’ll bloody build one when I get there.

Carnivores Unite!

We should bring back drinking from the skulls of our defeated enemies. Though, in this case, they might be a bit small.


Just for the kiddies, here’s a cute little diagram to help explain everything.




If I could have any superpower… it would probably be the ability to stop people posting ‘If you could have any superpower…’ memes. Failing that, I’ll go with Wolverines healing factor. Immortality and perpetual health, what’s not to love?


Rambo cuddle time


I’ve been watching a lot of Vampire Diaries lately (don’t hate me) and I swear the neck-snap is used as often as handshakes are in other shows. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering about the title of this post…


Stealing from the French

I’ve always been partial to a nice blonde.


They do say that English doesn’t steal from other languages. Instead, it follows them down a dark alley, mugs them, then searches through their pockets for any words or loose grammar.

Hey good-look’in

A spherical biological construct full of viscera by any other name…


Word choice can be important.

Titans, take note.

Always do a squeeze test first to make sure they aren’t too hot (and haven’t been replaced by hot stones).


Nothing worse than one of those half-asleep, midnight snack runs, and waking up next morning to find you’re a child short.

Of Snowflakes & Carnage

With winter in full retreat I hereby regret to inform you that though I live on the top of a freaking mountain, not a single snowflake has been seen all season. I will be taking my complaint to management.


Drinking Blood

It’s official, vampires just ruin everything.


I’m not sure eternal life would be worth the cost of having to wear all those frills 😦


There are some obscure rules of grammar that just befuddle the brain… then there’s Emordnilap.


Pssstttt… It’s not really a word.

Quick-fix for the Blocked

Here’s how you get out of those word-count slumps… or so I’ve been told.


The most nihilistic thing you’ll read all week

This is something I may never get out of my head. It’s brilliant but terrible and Sharing is good, right?


You too should suffer this lodged in your frontal lobe. Like that fragment of popcorn lodged between your tooth and gum that ruins the movie for you. The persistent irritation that you know is there but evades excavation by tongue or finger. A brilliant irritation. A brain pearl.

Literature Go

I assure you, it is worth evolving Mr Darcy…