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Pinterest for Authors: A Beginner’s Guide | Jane Friedman

Learn four reasons writers might want to use Pinterest, how to best use the platform, and best practices to get the most traction for your work.

Source: Pinterest for Authors: A Beginner’s Guide | Jane Friedman

Go forth and propagate your multi-media platform.

For no discernible reasons…

I present you with… the thing, with sounds

It made my day.


Oz & Schedules

Hey, there’s a rainbow on my WordPress site. I wonder what that’s about? :p

On a completely unrelated note, I think its time to change up my posting schedule and content. I have a head full of cotton wool right now, so if you have any thoughts on that you’d love to share I’d love to hear them. Certainly it will be easier then forming my own through the sniffles and cold medications.

Webmasters Face Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ | Sci-Tech Today

Google on Mobile

Is your site ready for the Mobilegeddon?

Webmasters Face Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ | Sci-Tech Today.

Comma, and workload

Work, lots and lost of work. Dissertation in the oven and books simmering on the Scrivner.

Some folks may disagree with me, but blogging [to my mind], isn’t yet part of the priority pile. Sure, when the novels are out, I’ll need to warm up the platform and start delivering related content. However for the time being this exists as a nebulous web-presence rather than a marketing tool.

With that in mind I default to web-generation laziness by passing on a meme


Biting the hand that may one day feed me…

Social Media Plan. Raise your social profile. Cross-post, re-tweet, automate and schedule.


I’m starting to get very disillusioned by this whole thing. Back when blogging was new, the message was that “content is king”. Now it seems to be a numbers game, where throughput is the deciding factor.

If I see profiles of X, Y, and Z, folks who have something interesting that I might want to see, that isn’t enough. I’ve apparently got to follow even more people so that they follow me back, and my SEO details rise in the ranks under Goggles judgemental eye. So much stuff goes across my feed now that I often miss the stuff I want to see, as it is buried under the stuff I follow because my Media Strategy says so. Granted Google+ is on to a winner with its circles, and how you can filter feed with that, but Facebook got so bad that I’ve taken it out the back and shot it. Twice.


Twitter, oh my little friend twitter…. You I’m still trying to deal with. So essential to a modern marketing strategy, yet so many 100’s of posts per hour before I even go looking for content. I’m starting to think that SEO rankings should be contingent upon a certain % of the original content. Less than 25% of your blog/feed/circle was actually written by you, about some legitimate topic, and to the spam folder, you go.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the very factors used to maximize social media exposure may be the things that end up choking it to death. Kind of fitting I guess, the digital age of publishing choked to death by bandwidth clutter and unread promotional material for a product that exists only within cyberspace.

Oh look, semi-original content laced with SEO keywords, well that is pretty self-serving. All hail the mighty lords of pre-packaged creativity, may their search terms bring you favourable traffic.