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Open Mind, not empty mind


If this is indeed the case, I need some industrial grade anti-psychotics, because some of the stuff I’ve read… (looking at you Mark LawrenceChuck Palahniuk, and Douglas Adams)

Squick Factor

Sometimes there comes a novel with an image that sears itself into your brain. A book that you can’t put down because when you get to that one scene, you have to hurl it across the room. The squick factor, the image that will stay with you until the day you die. Sure sometimes it fades away, but then a chance glimpse of that author’s name, or maybe a similar book cover. Then it is right back burrowing its way into your thoughts, reminding you of why you only read romances/magazines now.

squickFor me that was a Chuck Palahniuk novel, Haunted. There is a scene pretty close to the beginning, that involved a swimming pool, and the reason that character eats highly processed foods. If you’ve read the book, then I’m sure its stuck with you, if you haven’t read the book I recommend you read it… share my pain.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a good scene, a well-written scene. Too well written maybe. I could visualise exactly what happened. My skin crawled and my stomach churned. Worse, I could practically feel what happened. Over-active imaginations are a necessity for aspiring authors, but can sometimes be a curse that can only be cured with Brain Bleach.

Question: So is there a scene that sticks with you from a favourite (or feared) book or movie, that one moment that makes even your masochistic side hesitate?

Comments more than welcome…


SQUICK: Possibly a contraction of “squeamish” and “Ick!” A negative emotional response, specifically a disturbed or disgusted one.