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ArlockWeb – Launching a new site

marketing-water-05-l-lThis blog has been ticking along for a little while, neglected while I try and get words on paper.

Well, that’s still happening, and P-day is getting closer, and as part of preparations I’m going to be launching my own imprint. Naturally, that isn’t a small undertaking. In fact, it’s actually slowing me down a little.

The issue I’m finding is that establish a writer platform is both complex and potentially expensive. I do however have a solution, I’m going to create a whole new business model out of my effort, allowing others to piggy-back on my development. Ideally, before the year is out I’ll be able to offer a network for new and upcoming authors that ties together all the reach of the individual community members. Newsletter, subscriber lists, a community forum and a blog accepting articles from contributors.

I’m tentatively looking at $10 for a book listing (that comes with 1 years free spruiking on facebook/twitter and possibly other platforms), and $20/year to set up and maintain an author website for those needing an online presence. At the moment I’m looking at linking to external blogs rather than offering them as part of the package, but that may change.

Anyway. Hope to see you all in the new year.



Webmasters Face Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ | Sci-Tech Today

Google on Mobile

Is your site ready for the Mobilegeddon?

Webmasters Face Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ | Sci-Tech Today.

Comma, and workload

Work, lots and lost of work. Dissertation in the oven and books simmering on the Scrivner.

Some folks may disagree with me, but blogging [to my mind], isn’t yet part of the priority pile. Sure, when the novels are out, I’ll need to warm up the platform and start delivering related content. However for the time being this exists as a nebulous web-presence rather than a marketing tool.

With that in mind I default to web-generation laziness by passing on a meme