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Exercise that Mind

crazy walk

get out for a walk, get the blood flowing to the fatty tissue behind your eyes, and with it, some new ideas. Like most people, my best ideas happen in the shower, or while walking. This is great for me, but bad for my water soaked note-pads. Worse still for the odd house guest, who gets to see a naked white streak as I bolt from the shower to the keyboard because I forgot they were here.

If I set up a treadmill under flowing water, I would be INVINCIBLE! … or possibly electrocuted.

So get out, smell the grass. Enjoy the bite of the wind, talk to the wildlife in a vain attempt to convince it you’re not food. Then if you make it back alive, CREATE!


1st April


April fools! I am crazy, all the most interesting people are…┬áModesty isn’t one of my problems either.

Being really bad with a calender, that may be a problem. Or maybe its just that I’m a little crazy.