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There are some obscure rules of grammar that just befuddle the brain… then there’s Emordnilap.


Pssstttt… It’s not really a word.




One space or Two?

We Still Can’t Decide Whether To Put One Space After A Period Or Two.

Reblogged from the HuffPo simply because this is a debate that has followed me my entire life. I’m firmly in the one space camp, but I can see why the two space heretics have yet to be exterminated. About the only times I don’t mind double spacing (as long as I actually can remember to do so) is in academic essays. In essays, you’re already making the margins artificially wider and putting more space between the lines of the work all so the marker has more room to leave comments.


Word Crimes

As anĀ author/editor, this really hits me where I live.

Also, it is important to promote obscure musicians that no one has heard of. I, of course, jest… I’m not an author yet.