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Oz & Schedules

Hey, there’s a rainbow on my WordPress site. I wonder what that’s about? :p

On a completely unrelated note, I think its time to change up my posting schedule and content. I have a head full of cotton wool right now, so if you have any thoughts on that you’d love to share I’d love to hear them. Certainly it will be easier then forming my own through the sniffles and cold medications.



More than Human

I’ve been reading a lot of YA novels recently, and I am beginning to think we’re dumbing things down too much. So with our culture now based on FaceBook likes and comic-book movies (there is no escape from the all-pervading spawn of Stan Lee) I provide this public service announcement…



Disclaimer: I came out of Avengers shell-shocked. I came out of Captain America: Winter Soldier impressed. I came out of Guardians of the Galaxy entertained. So I guess I’m part of the problem too.