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Drinking Blood

It’s official, vampires just ruin everything.


I’m not sure eternal life would be worth the cost of having to wear all those frills šŸ˜¦



…and now for something moderately terrifying… but cool.. oh so cool!

The most nihilistic thing you’ll read all week

This is something I may neverĀ get out of my head. It’s brilliantĀ but terrible and Sharing is good, right?


You too should suffer this lodged in your frontal lobe. Like that fragment of popcorn lodged between your tooth and gum that ruins the movie for you. The persistent irritation that you know is thereĀ but evades excavation by tongue or finger. A brilliantĀ irritation. A brain pearl.

Something Broke – Flash Fiction

Something broke. Thatā€™s about the only way to describe it. About thirty years ago some underlying logic in our reality simply failed. Maybe we broke physics with the latest in bigger and brighter colliders, maybe god just died of loneliness. Whatever the reason, the immutable rules of cause and effect, the division between what the real and the imaginary, all seemed to begin to fail.

The dead donā€™t always stay dead anymore, you have to convince them. As for children, well let’s just say that there is nothing more terrifying than a child with an overactive imagination.