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Valentine’s Day

He knows your inner secrets, he can awaken your deepest desires.

Come in. Worship at his feet. Be adored. Be consumed.


Have fun you lovebirds… I could just eat you all up 🙂

Work Much?

I’m supposed to be working.

Character Outlines: Check

Setting Outline: Check

Actual Plot Outline: errrr……. have a piccy



Reminder to Self


Yep. I’ll do that. Just one more article…

… also this is a magic trick, the image is only visible on the original blog page. I meant to do that, really I did.


Feline in Phase


If the observer can modify the outcome of quantum level effects, what happens if the observer is completely apathetic? Though to be fair Schrödinger’s work was largely misinterpreted



Here be dragons…


Oh, its cute now.

You just wait till it grows up and sets fire to your bath robe.


View from Orbit

You’ve got to wonder what an alien species would think of us…


Personally I think that if there is life out there, the fact they haven’t visited lately is the surest sign that they’re intelligent.

Comma, and workload

Work, lots and lost of work. Dissertation in the oven and books simmering on the Scrivner.

Some folks may disagree with me, but blogging [to my mind], isn’t yet part of the priority pile. Sure, when the novels are out, I’ll need to warm up the platform and start delivering related content. However for the time being this exists as a nebulous web-presence rather than a marketing tool.

With that in mind I default to web-generation laziness by passing on a meme