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…and now for something moderately terrifying… but cool.. oh so cool!

What is Dreadpunk?

Source: What is Dreadpunk? A quick guide to a new subgenre

So the question becomes, “so what’s the modern version of this?”, cyberpunk with horror undertones? How do we weave a believable world where mythic horror combines with nascent technological advancements? “Sure my eyeball is bionic and my sight is digitally enhanced, but I can still see the nameless horror lurking on the edges of my vision.”

Which reminds me, got to get back to writing this weekend. That and I’ve got two works to Beta read… going to be a busy long weekend.

Your cyberpunk games are dangerous


Your cyberpunk games are dangerous – Boing Boing.

In the beginning was paranoia… and it was not good. As technology progresses we increasingly find that those who police it have little understanding of what they are looking at.