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Autobiography Challenge

Writers Challenge #AutoBio-Challengeself-delusion

A multifaceted, multi-genre mini-autobiography.The challenging part is that these have to be short, matching the theme, and recognisably autobiographical. Feel free to tag a friend.
My Life: As a Tragedy
My Coffee is always cold and the chocolate has usually melted.

My Life: As a Sci-Fi
I now store my memory in the cloud. My meat-brain is only for analysis.

My Life: As a Romance
I met ‘the one’. Never looked back, or around, since then.

My Life: As an Urban Fantasy
There are creatures in the walls. As long as I leave them alone, they ignore me.

My Life: As an Epic Fantasy
I have lived. I have conquered. I wait now, on my mountain, for death.

My Life: Literary Fiction
In Korea I learnt English, in Knosis I felt awe. All across the world, the people I see have more in common than they do in differences.

My Life: Non-Fiction
How to write in snatches at your day job, without being fired.


Are you Procrastinating from your Dreams? [ReBlogged]

I’m taking  a short break from my Creative Challenges this week. Instead, I wanted to share three awesome videos which have been inspiring me lately. Instead of writing  a post I decided to record a video – enjoy the craziness that is me… The Procrastinating part is in the next video down – keep scrolling. […]

Source: Are you Procrastinating from your Dreams? – TJG-Creative Blog

Avoid Negativity

Breathe in the positive; exhale the negative.

Kill the negativity within, yet somehow avoid executing the productivity that stands behind it.

All these lame motivational phrases and more can be yours for twelve easy installments of $99.95.


Okay, maybe all this time on social media is making me a bit jaded. What’s one more expert who’s only skill appears to be looking pretty on camera, and motivating people to send them their hard earned cash?



Social Media & Memes

Facebook; it’s a bit like that.


P.S. If you don’t get the reference, then you have missed the best thing Dr. Who has had to offer since ‘Blink