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2 Lines of Horror (Pt4)

A little something appropriate to the season…

Sometimes, in the name of scientific exploration, we push the boundaries to try and get to the truth. Now after my 132nd consecutive day without sleep I’ve reached the point where I can see the terrible things that lurk between the cracks in reality and I fear that they are becoming aware of me.



2 Lines of Horror (Pt3)

A little something appropriate to the season…

The laughter itself doesn’t worry me, it’s a friendly chuckle, almost sweet really. I just wish it wasn’t coming from the drains.


2 Lines of Horror (Pt2)

A little something appropriate to the season…

There is a form of pure evil that can not be denied, cannot be constrained, can not be fought. It’s why I no longer have any mirrors in the house.


Halloween & NaNo


It’s that time of the year again¬†when we give up the ghosts of lesser projects and clear the screen for the latest NaNo¬†(National Novel Writing Month) glossolalia. Pens to hand, notepad on standby, it’s time to put that ‘work in progress’ on hold and give a new idea a chance to grow.

Is anyone else out there in ‘definitely a Writer, but not yet an Author’ land joining me in this madness? If so, share your screen names (mine is shockinglyJW Arlock) and we can join forces against the power of internet distractions and writers block!