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Stealing from the French

I’ve always been partial to a nice blonde.


They do say that English doesn’t steal from other languages. Instead, it follows them down a dark alley, mugs them, then searches through their pockets for any words or loose grammar.

Hey good-look’in

A spherical biological construct full of viscera by any other name…


Word choice can be important.

Science Fiction: Hope vs Despair [Re-Blogged]


Why dystopia? Because it’s a cop-out.

It’s far harder to predict the changes and tribulations of an advanced society. So why not just assume we broke all our toys and reverted to barbarianism? After all, these stories sell.

Why not? Because we’re selling despair. Because we’re telling a whole new generation that they won’t succeed, so don’t try. Because there is a lot more challenge in predicting the changes in culture (and to a lesser extent technology), and therefore a lot more potential for good storytelling.

I’m not saying Dystopia bad; therefore Utopia good. I’m just wondering what happened to the golden age of sci-fi where anything was possible and the sky was the limit? Surely it’s better to look forward to a better world than to assume we’re going to screw it up and revert to banging each other over the head with crude weapons. And yes Zombie Genre I’m looking at you too!

David Brin puts it nicely over at his blog Contrary Brin. Go have a look.

Why all the re-blogs? Well, partly because I’m lazy, and partly because there is so much good material out there that it doesn’t need another voice adding to the echo chamber. Instead, I think it serves everyone better to just promote the work of those who have already spoken up.

Source: CONTRARY BRIN: Science Fiction: Hope vs Despair


Colour Red


Colony Creature [Reblogged]

Mind TransferAn awesome little piece that really drives home the alienness of ‘the other’

from The 21-Second God,
by Keith Honeyborne

This may not be the most biologically accurate piece, but I think it’s important to recognize that the experience of being a non-human organism is probably fundamentally different from that of a human.


One space or Two?

We Still Can’t Decide Whether To Put One Space After A Period Or Two.

Reblogged from the HuffPo simply because this is a debate that has followed me my entire life. I’m firmly in the one space camp, but I can see why the two space heretics have yet to be exterminated. About the only times I don’t mind double spacing (as long as I actually can remember to do so) is in academic essays. In essays, you’re already making the margins artificially wider and putting more space between the lines of the work all so the marker has more room to leave comments.