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Flash & Arrow


So DC TV, buff men in suits, prancing around in make-up. Comic book TV may have succeeded, usually when the show goes that extra step to subvert the trope, where DC movies have continuously failed to truly entertain (Batman aside) but I’m seeing a disturbing trend.

Arrow UpsI’m barracking for the bad guys. The Damaged Dr. in Flash makes that show worth watching, while on Arrow I have to give the love to Malcolm Merlyn. The time before that, it was Slade that was the heart of the show. We get Miss Smoak and Merlyn on the same Team and I am so turning to the dark side. The bad guys have motivations, achievable goals, and better suits. The good guys just want to double as punching bags, and occasionally have grief-stricken moments of painful exposition and introspection. Can’t we go back to the special effects, weird genetics and leave Days of Our Superhero’s behind?

Let’s not tell the janitor that cleans up after Ollie Daddy Cop his daughter is dead, let’s draw it out as long as possible so both the death itself and the sheer betrayal of not being told for months, is certain to make his heart explode. If that scene isn’t directed by Michael Bay, and with the splatter reaching Central City, I am out of here!

Okay, I admit there have been some good moments, it was refreshing seeing the team get their arses handed to them by Brick. Arrow and the Canary regularly waltz through their fight scenes, so it was nice to see a bit of desperate rough and tumble that relied more on face punching than fancy weapons skills.

Maybe I’m just over tortured heroes getting their arses kicked, staging a comeback, emerging victorious, and gasping as another villain steps from the shadows. Rinse, repeat, cash the cheques.