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Some words just need a good kill’in

So, “wasn’t” that was my word of the week apparently. I didn’t notice it as I wrote, but it appears to pop up every couple of sentences in the story I’m working on.

stress-picture-stress-relief-kitI know, I know, write first, edit later. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. This is soul-crushing the angst of editing your own work, nothing like the inner critic to take the wind out of your sails. The writing was actually flowing pretty well. Its only in hindsight that all those repetitions seem so glaring.

I guess it could be worse, might work might be suffering adverb poisoning.

It probably doesn’t help that I was writing with spotify on in the background, my soothing In Strict Confidence playlist helps the prose flow, but occasionally the mood is broken. You can’t tell me that Brazillian crooner Stromae and his interruptions aren’t detrimental to the creative process.


Ode to a fickle Muse

The first few thousand words fly across the screen, no sweat, no hassle. 2,000 words down. I look across at my Muse, who gives me a mischievous wink.

My brain fills with a soliloquy for a dark Sci-fi that has been brewing for years. I dash down a few notes then back to Fantasy business. Now a knock at the door, more distractions threaten my calm. These distractions bring a puppy! PUPPPYYY!!!!!!

Visitors gone I’m back at the screen. Fingers fly… slower this time as the four-finger pecking begins to wear me down. 4,000 words and I’m going strong, though wishing I had the discipline to learn to touch type. New idea, plot for the upcoming games this weekend…. This……. Weekend….. oh gods…… my calm evaporates as I look at the weekend vanishing under a mound of gaudily dressed changeling’s, vampires and mages. I can skip Lost, I really can, more time to write… to write um….. what was I writing?

I look up again, my attention caught by a girlish giggle as my Muse vanishes out the door, eloping with a passing pizza boy, no doubt off to write his opus. Fickle bitch, I promise myself to knife her next time she passes, pin her to the keyboard and scrawl my words in her blood…. 5,000 words. Screw it I’m going to watch Breaking Bad.