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Blog Rennovations

This page shall be going the way of the oyster, shucked for its most juicy pieces and the outer shell discarded.
The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
      To talk of many things:
Of books — and sales — and marketing platforms —
      Of authors — and avatars —
And should an online platform need to be updated now and then —
      And whether that time is now.’
Quick answer. It is.
This page has suffered neglect as I’ve focused more on writing, and the odd post I’ve considered has fallen silent as I didn’t want to orphan it on a nearly abandoned blog. Therefore it seems prudent to take this blog out the back and put one behind the ear like we did with old aunty Martha once she started mislabeling the Tupperware in the fridge.
In its place will spring up two new blogs, one for the creative side of my brain, and one for the business/editing side. will be for the worlds I write. All fiction, all the time. Maybe some behind the scenes things, and definitely the odd (emphasis mine) little excerpt or flash fiction that needs to be released into the world because it’s clogging up my mind. It needs to be cleaned up a little bit first, as of this moment it’s got some pleasant forest green theme and a picture of the walking path to work. Not very urban, and not at all dark, but it is on the way to my day-job so you could call it horror related 🙂 will be about writing and for writers. Focusing a bit on the how to’s and on why some writing advice, though technically correct, can do more harm than good. Expect the occasional large post, not just regular throw-away space fillers.
Some of the more popular posts from here will be recycled for the new sites, but I’m also going to dig in and create a lot more new content.



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