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Dead Languages

Yes, I am partial to the occasional bit of Latin. What good is a secretive, world-spanning, occult society that exists to control and direct human society if they don’t get their own secret handshake and language? Okay, maybe Latin isn’t that secret, but thanks to trends in education these days, it isn’t exactly common knowledge anymore.


Also, it can be incredibly important for characters to know pivotal phrases such as “Libera tutemet ex infernis” in case their jaunt in the Sci-Fi universe wanders across the line into horror.

P.S. For the Unseen record, the Consilia ad Lucem (Consillium) tends to use Latin primarily out of habit, the order was coming into its own around 1400-1650AD when Latin* was the language of learning and diplomacy.

*An irreverent but true chronology by Timothy J. Pulju

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