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I’m a TOTAL Fraud

rooster-flamingoWe’ve all had that thought, or at least, the non-sociopaths amongst us have. I certainly have. Popular Psychology calls it imposter syndrome.

I’m not an author, an author is someone with recognized titles published. I’m not a writer, a writer loves what they’re doing. They love to craft the words, reveling in the infinite combinations and complexities of the written language.

I’m not a publisher, or a marketer, or a cover designer. I can dip my toes in those waters, but I’m quickly out of my depth.

What I am is a reader. I can devour a book in a single evening. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historic Fiction. I’m running out of space on the multiple bookcases in my home, my garage is full of boxes packed with my B list picks. What I love are stories, what I love is clever use of prose. I enjoy complex characters and well-thought out scenes. I enjoy following the structure and pacing take the tale and weave it into a complex but easily understood narrative.

I stop a dozen times a chapter with thoughts like “wouldn’t it be cool if…”, or “maybe it would have been better if the story went…”, or even “please kill this stupid-arsed character so we can get back to the meat of the story”. Take the book, consume it. Appreciate the structure and envision where it might go, where it could have gone better. Critique the believability of the setting, the impossible coincidences the author hand-waves away, the plot-tool nature of the supporting characters, and then think about how they can be fixed. That’s me with a book.

I’m not an Author, I’m an unemployed editor with delusions of how to tell a better story. That my friends, when you get right down to it, is what a Writer is. You’re not a fraud, not any more than I am. What we both are is discouraged, dispirited maybe, and the only way to overcome that… is to write. As that self-parody of a person and gods gift to dank memes, Shia LaBeouf, apparently likes to scream “Just Do It”.

In this particular instance by “do it” I mean walk away and don’t hit play…

PS I don’t think very highly of Pop-Psychology.


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