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Hearts & Kittens: Post-Valentine

Valentine’s Day, named after the terminator saint who could not be killed (seriously, google the man). A day associated with a whole choir of terrifying angels, who have apparently been infantilised by modern society and rendered diabetic by the following day’s ‘70% off’ chocolate sales. They also seem to think they’re snipers, but thankfully haven’t found that weapons upgrade yet.

Love is the thing that inspires poetry, romantic gestures, and treason. A few small chemical changes in the brain and the smartest of individuals does the most stupid of things while the biggest coward will take on the world.

So for VDay have some hearts and kittens, and try not to engage in seditious behaviour for a winning smile and a few nebulous promises. Also, if you write one more love-triangle I will reach through the monitor and slap the Oxytocin & Dopamine out of you.

Love. It makes the plot go round. Also available in pill form. Consult your doctor for side effects.


Also Deadpool, best date movie EVER!!!


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  1. Mish Sci Fi Musings

    Reblogged this on Mish Sci Fi Musings and commented:

    I love this post that was for St. Valentine´s Day.


    February 17, 2016 at 04:14

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