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No ‘silver bullet’

Too cute to shoot.Talking about curing lycanthropy, do you know how to cast silver bullet? How about the inherent anti-infection properties of silver and how they might relate to the werewolf myth. Can I melt down grannies candlesticks for the metals? It’s not like she’s going to be using them much now we’re up to the “What big teeth you have” conversation. How about an upward stab with the formal occasions silverware to our hirsute attacker?

Also of interest are the weight, deformation and penetration of silver bullets compared to more traditional lead rounds [I have tables]. It seems that silver is a pretty poor metal for making bullets, doesn’t hit as hard, go as deep, or mushroom as well. Then there’s the cost. Oh, and why is silver associated with the moon and gold with the sun so often in mythology? (hint the answer is exactly what you think it is)

6 1/2 hours later and I’ve decided that while all this is interesting, my research is probably only going to boil down to the single line “..and I keep a clip of silver bullets around for special occasions.”

MENTAL NOTE TO SELF: Turn off the parasite that is the internet, and get back to writing.


Still, more fun being frustrated by my own work than working on someone else’s.


MENTAL NOTE TO SELF: Get more mental notepaper.



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