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I may have a thing for priests

For murdering them that is. See that isn’t as bad as where you assumed I was going with this … or perhaps worse. After posting the Joan Baez song, I realised amongst my favourite movies are an unhealthy number of ones where a priest is in a situation where they’re likely to get dead. To Kill a Priest of course, then there’s A Prayer for the Dying, The Exorcist, Sin Eater, and Calvary.  There is something both familiar and intimidating about an individual would give themselves up to a higher calling, to deliberately sequester themselves away from the material world. Something almost romantic, in the classical sense of being imbued with or dominated by idealism.

In Sin Eater, Heath Ledgers’ character was shot during an exorcism even before the real trauma of the movie begins, Brendan Gleeson lost his wife before Calvary commenced, and Bob Hoskins was a war veteran.  That’s the common thread in most of these movies, a character development where a man has been destroyed by their life experiences but has made something new out of themselves.  It seems to me that that sort of dedication makes for a fascinating character study, especially when it comes about from a life-shattering experience where their world has been torn down around them, and they’ve had to build it back up again using sheer willpower and belief.


Then there’s Gideon. But don’t worry, you’ll meet Gideon soon enough.

Hmmm…. maybe I just like torturing priests. If I had a therapist, they’d have a field day with that.

Also does Tom Wu as Hundred Eyes count?


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