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Raising the Dead

NecromancerGarry McPlottool is dead. Pushing up daisies. Gone to join the choir invisible.

…thing is, he’s THE Garry McPlottool, the star of so many stories you’ve written and even more you’ve just imagined. Queue the literary Necromancer. So the question is “When, if ever, is it good to bring back a dead character?”

I’m not talking Days of our Lives stuff here when every character dies [or is assumed dead] a half dozen times. Especially when they mysteriously come back with a new face and accent, ten or twenty years younger. I don’t care about TV World where Dean’s death is just this episodes cliff hanger. I mean a world crafted with a little realism, where death SHOULD matter.

What are your rules for resurrecting a much beloved [or loathed] character, is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed? Maybe you think the line should never be crossed.

I’m curious.

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