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Tag line (20-35 words)

If you can do it, your idea is too simple! Well, that’s one school of thought anyway.

Yet the tagline can be an important selling tool, especially if you do it in that really cool movie voice over. Or maybe Morgan Freeman. Try it…

voice-over“In a world gone mad, only one man had the courage to set fire to his eyebrows!”

… utter garbage, and it still sounds cool.

So single sentence tagline in 25 words or less… maybe 30 words or less depending on who you ask. It could be that your tagline is the first thing that comes to mind, a cool sentence from which inspiration seeps like the tears of angels (angels being notoriously emo). It could be the last thing you do. You’ve finished your story, and you’ve summarised it to check for coherence, then you summarise that for an overview, then you summarise that for a logline or back page blurb. Then you can summarise that for a Tag Line and see if any of your intellectual offspring has survived the condensing process.

So for Dead Girl I’ve come up with the short summary, the teaser trailer for novels..

“Rebeca had always known she was meant for greater things, but her killer had other ideas. Now trapped on the border between life and death, her eyes have been opened to a previously hidden world. Murdered, marked as unnatural, surrounded by predators and trapped in a decaying body, can she survive the Unseen World?”

…but the Tagline? That’s still in the wind.

Maybe “Life’s hard, then you die and it gets worse”  OR “Even the dead need a holiday”


Some great movie taglines (not always attached to great movies).



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