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Okay NaNo WriMo

damn bookThere comes a time in every writer’s life when they sit back and think “get a damned book published already”. For me, that time is now.

Given that it has never been easier to self-publish, that traditional publishing is more likely to smile favourably on someone with a bit of a following, it really is an ideal time. Chicken or the egg, do you start with what you think is a polished gem, praying to your deity of choice that a traditional publisher will pick it up? Do you do it all yourself, get to know the business of publishing as well as the art of writing, and polish as you build your world (and hopefully fan-base).

First things first though, write the damn book. That’s where NaNo comes in. Sit down for a month, give yourself permission to spew forth literary garbage onto the page and write. You’ve only got to write 50,000 words, that half a book before editing out the contradictions and adverbs. Don’t edit, that’s not what nano is for, just write. When you’re done you’ll be halfway there, half of the raw clay you can come back and shape into your masterpiece. Then take a break, work on something else, before coming back to write the other half. Then, and only then, do we edit.

Scrivener? Check!

Time-out reading material (in an unrelated genre)? Check!

Supply of Chocolate and/or pastry? Check!

Let’s begin!

100,000 words should make a light and lean 75,000 to 80,000-word book once you’ve done five or so editing passes across it. Not a bad size for an Urban Fantasy / Modern Fantasy work.

We’ll get to editing later; as long as I’m not sitting in a corner sobbing, looking at my empty screen and eating these words.

UPDATE: I need to eat these words.


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