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Tomorrow: Observing a stranger

3:15 on a Sunday and Cody has pulled the McCafe shift again.He’s bored, its obvious from the burnt coffee and excessive foam. Even with penalty rates its hard to be enthused on a subsistence wage.

There aren’t many prospects here, not in this town. If he could be brutally honest with himself he feels there aren’t any prospects in his life at the moment.

Back at home there is a girl named Tara waiting for him, but she may be waiting forever for that ring she wants. That’s Cody’s life in a nutshell, he’s got the McDonalds bug. He wants it up-sized, he’s going to upgrade to the dream, and he wants it now.

Problem is that no one has ever sat down and actually explained ‘the dream’ to him, so it remains a undefined want. What he does know is that it doesn’t include working in this thankless job for much longer. It certainly doesn’t involve supporting Tara for the rest of her life.

He needs a plan, a roadmap to success. Onwards and upwards, he’s meant for bigger things than this. All he has to do is make the move, hand in his resignation and leave Tara and all her baggage behind.

Of course he can’t quit now though, he has the latest in a long line of coffees to make. Can’t quit at the end of today’s shift either, there are those overdue bills to pay. Naturally he’d break up with Tara, but it’s their anniversary on Wednesday, and while he doesn’t love her any more he can’t do that to her. Next week, he’ll do it next week.

*Notes: So there was a grumpy guy at Macca’s, everything else is conjecture.


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