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Star Wars Episode 7: No George = a New Hope.

Dark Side

Dark Side

Okay, so I’m going to try and earn some geek cred here, and put up some suggestions about what I’d like to see happening in Star Wars Episode 7. For the record I’m a big SWTOR fan, but we know when this will be set, and who it will be around, so I won’t go there.

Now we all know that Luke, Han and Leia will be back and playing a central role, so I’m working with that. We also know that JJ Abrams will be in the hot seat, and I’m fine with that. JJ is the master of flashy-flashy-bang-bang, so I’m certain that the action sequences will be as breathtaking as they are loud. We will have lightsabers and Jedi, and the Dark Side, because without those it isn’t Star Wars.

Yet what I’d like to see, and maybe you’ll hate me for this, is a real story. We have established characters. We know their backstory. So let’s build on that.

Picture this

No make-up, no cgi, we have Han and Leia still happily [sic?] married catching up with their old friend and relative, Luke. They sit around a table, reminiscing (much like the Babylon 5 episode Sleeping in the Light ) and talking about this brave new world they helped establish. Leia is worried that her (now grown) kids are idealists, and put themselves at risk with their projects helping construct a new order. Han bemoans that one of them champions the central government ideal that made the empire so effective for its short reign.

Luke on the other hand has more small-scale issues, but no less worrying. He’s got a new generation of Jedi to help guide, and since they have been trained in the force since they could walk, many of them exceed him in power and understanding of its ways. He’s worried about the Dark Side (naturally) but at the same time worried that he doesn’t know enough to truly recognise it. He’s got one former apprentice fascinated by an idea that terrifies him, where power comes from a careful balancing of both sides of the force.

We have flashbacks (maybe) and views of the world outside this small room as the next generation starts a new ‘saga’, but the focus is the main three characters, their hopes, their fears, their regrets over lost opportunities.

…. and if Haden Christianson appears anywhere in this I will disembowel the person responsible for it with a rusty spoon


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  1. I’m not expecting Abrams to WOW us right out of the gate. Would it be nice? Sure. With using Han, Leia and Luke as the main focus of Episode VII is encouraging. What I am hoping for is a really good story and a good solid footing to get this new trilogy up and running. If the rumor of wanting to bring in Hugo Weaving as an Imperial officer is true, then I look for him to possibly be the focus of the main villain initially. If we get any sorta of a movie close to the original trilogy I will be happy!


    January 29, 2014 at 21:59

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